Sunday, 9 October 2016

What is Teenage Stage ?

Teenagers stage is the most problem phasing stage in many people life, this stage includes persons from age thirteen to nineteen but the problems faced by them are not normal problems, they are so huge that can be only felt or experienced by that teen.
After getting reviews from thousands of people, we get  on conclusion that teenage stage is the most difficult stage of everyone life because it is the time when you don't know anything about the world and the people because in this stage of life teens thought themselves clever but truth is that they are very innocent. The main problem the teens face in this age are-
  • Love Problems
  • Bullying 
  • Mental Depression
  • Drug Addiction

Love problems - It is the most common problem among all the youngsters that they don't have healthy relationships and they are in very much need of relationship advice  this problem occurs due

teenage stage of life

to many reasons and sometimes these problems sometimes led to this much level that many teens commit suicide. The reason behind this problems is that they are not enough mature to understand each other  complication in their relationships.

Bullying - The Bullying problem is increasing day by day in every college and schools in the United States of America but still this problem is now are facing lesser by the students of the America and credit goes to the bullying prevention institutions. But still, the harassment against Racism & Gender is very much high and many of teenagers committing suicide daily due to this bullying problem. The Govt. of America is taking various steps to stop this harassment problem and even try to get punish those who create these problems.

Ragging problem

Mental Depression - It is the most founded problem in life stage of teenage because due to facing problems like Love Problems, Bullying, Drug Addiction make a teen very much mentally depressed. This mental depression problem impacts very much bad effect to the academics, health, attitude but 


this can be curable but at the time of depression, the person doesn't realise what type of behaviour he is carrying towards his parents, friends and his elders. The main boom come with this problem is that it makes all the good relationship to bad relationship with their close peoples. 

Drug Addiction - The most major among 21st Century teens is "Drug Addiction" these problems bring many major problems in the life. Nowadays in the USA many youngsters started taking drugs at the age of fourteen which is not good for their health and even can destroy their future. The teens 

Drug addiction

adopt different way out when become mentally depressed start some bad habits to get rid of mental illness but this is not the right way to get rid from their problems. The patients which are addicted thinks that no one loves them so their behaviour towards other people is very rude and not this much they also start becoming short-tempered and wildness in them start growing day by day.

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

How teenagers are becoming Troubled Teens

As we saw in today's generation all the teenagers became the troubled teens after attending wilderness programs because of the difficulties that they are facing in their life, so today we will talk about the most important thing that How teenagers are becoming Troubled Teens.

The main two reason that the teens nowadays are becoming frustrated or always stays in trouble minded situation, this is because of the age gap between them and their parents or their elder once. 

  • Parents & Teachers are not understanding the mentality of their child then this reason transformed their minds into trouble in teenager life.
teens problems

  • No love in life is also an important point for the trouble in their life, they every time feel like alone or think that no one loves them because they are not beautiful and don't have attractive personality like their friends.  
No one loves me teenager
    I want to give a message to all the troubled teens that there is nothing like that your parents and teachers don't understand your mentality, they know everything but they don't show you because they passed away from this stage of life earlier when you were not born so just be relax they are strict to

    happy teenagers

    you because this stage of life is very sensitive and they wanted you to don't repeat the mistakes in this age stage of life which they made and if you think no one loves you then your thinking is wrong because everyone loves you when you start loving yourself.. so live life happily and love everyone.

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    Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Teenager Love Quotes

    “What's more, when her lips met mine, I realized that I could live to be a hundred and visit each nation on the planet, however nothingcould ever come close to that private minute when I initially kissed the young lady I had always wanted and realized that my love would keep going forever “
    “On the off chance that you live to be a hundred, I need to live to be a hundred less one day so I never need to live without you”

    "You call it anger, yet I call it love"
    “You come to love not by finding the ideal individual, but rather by figuring out how to see a marked individual superbly”

    “I composed your name in the sand however the waves washed it away,
     I composed your name on my hand however I washed it the following day,
     I composed your name on a paper however I coincidentally discarded it,
     I composed your name in my heart and always it will sit tight “ 
    “All, everything that I realize, I figure out on the grounds that I cherish”

    Sunday, 28 August 2016

    Feelings and Life of teen

    Feelings and Life  of teen

    As an teen  you might manage loads of enthusiastic highs and lows. One moment you may feel incredible, the following you feel pitiful and sorrowful. This sort of movement in your mind-sets is alright!
    Feelings and Life  of teen

    Sunday, 21 August 2016

    Love and Joy

    Love and joy can't be contained inside your heart. It radiates through your spirit and it touches the hearts of individuals around you.Your joy is just finished when your soul is loaded with wonder and brilliance. Your Love and joy is just finished when your light emanates through the general population around you and enlightens the lives of the ones you adore

    My first love story

    My first love story begins back when I was just 13 years of age My first love story started. My mom, a year in the wake of having a mental meltdown, chose she would not like to be with my dad she gathered her sacks and moved my 2 more seasoned siblings and her to another state. I was devestated. It was just me and my younger sibling that was left to be raised by my dad who, at the time, said he needed to have us...but he was constantly gone. Celebrating, drinking, and staying out throughout the night with other ladies. I raised my more youthful sister, and...I had truly low self-regard issues, continually getting singled out at school and such. The day I chose I was going to proceed with the suicide arrange, this kid (lets call him Mark) at my congregation, took a tremendous fascinating in me. The first run through a kid ever played with me, even paid consideration on me in any sort of way, I was bewildered. Time went on and we grew up, and all through 3 years we talked, made out, hung out together, everybody thought we were a couple and our love story is going on...but my first love story weren't. He had his sweethearts, and I had my beaus, yet when we were as one it resembled it was just us and no one else. I cleared out for 18 months and never let him know until the day I exited. We lost contact...after 8 months I escaped school and I moved with my mother, in an alternate state. We talked when I was down there and he let me know the amount he missed me and honestly, I missed him as well. I returned January of 2004, yet he had a sweetheart when I returned, so I got a beau. We were private surprisingly 4 years after we initially began talking and after that again a month later. Five months after that I met my significant other and moved in with him, 4 months after that I got pregnant with my most seasoned daughter...I got pregnant again and got married...I put some distance between Mark and I figured he had proceeded onward My first love story until he discovered me on myspace. We talked and pictures were traded and my better half and his significant other discovered them and the messeges saying the amount we missed each other a year ago, and we quit talking for some time after that, but...we have this odd fascination in each other, and he thought of me on yippee delivery person and we began talking once more. This past September we undermined our mates with each other, and afterward he put some distance between me on the grounds that my telephone got killed, and he is in the Navy, so he needed to go abroad.

    This past February My first love story

     he let me know he adored me surprisingly and simply a week ago he let me know he missed me to such an extent. I am still infatuated with him, yet I am hitched, and he is hitched. I never thought I would be the lady that would be viewed as "the other lady" in a man's marriage, yet here I am. Going along with this gathering since I cherished a kid that transformed into a man that is hitched. I simply don't comprehend what to do. Any counsel would be invited.


    Love tale is sentimental and entertaining yet awful. It is the love tale of two undergrads whose affection empowers them to conquer the misfortunes they experience in life: Oliver Barrett IV, a Harvard muscle head and beneficiary to the Barrett fortune and legacy, and Jennifer Cavilleri, the intelligent little girl of a Rhode Island pastry specialist. Oliver (Ollie) was relied upon to expect control of his dad's business domain, while Jennifer (Jenny), a music significant learning at Radcliffe College wanting to consider in Paris. From altogether different universes, Oliver and Jenny are instantly pulled in to each other and their love tale. The love tale of Jenny and Ollie is an account of two youngsters who originate from two separate universes and are joined together in the unlikeliest of ways.

    Upon graduation from school, the two choose to wed, against the desires of Oliver's dad, who expeditiously disjoins all ties with his child. Without money related backing, the couple battles to pay Oliver's way through Harvard's Law School, with Jenny filling in as a non-public school educator. Graduating third in his class, Oliver lands a few position offers and takes up a position at a respectable New York law office. Jenny guarantees to take after Oliver anyplace on the East Coast. The couple move to New York City, eager to hang out, instead of working and concentrating on. With Oliver's new pay, the pair choose to have a youngster. After Jenny neglects to consider, they counsel a restorative expert, who after rehashed tests, advises Oliver and Jenny that Jenny is experiencing leukemia and won't have the capacity to live more than a couple of month but it is not the end of their love tale .
    As trained by his specialist, Oliver endeavors to carry on with a typical existence without telling Jenny of her condition. Jenny all things considered finds her infirmity subsequent to standing up to her specialist about her late sickness. With their days together numbered, Jenny starts an unreasonable malignancy treatment, and Oliver soon gets to be not able bear the cost of the increasing healing center costs. Frantic, he looks for money related alleviation from his dad. Rather than telling his dad what the cash is really for, Oliver deludes him. From her doctor's facility bed, Jenny talks with her dad about memorial service game plans, and afterward requests Oliver. She instructs him to abstain from pointing the finger at himself, and requests that he grasp her firmly before she bites the dust. At the point when Mr.Barrett understands that Jenny is sick and that his child acquired the cash for her, he promptly sets out for New York. When he achieves the healing facility, Jenny passes on. Mr. Barrett apologizes to his child, who answers with something Jenny had once let him know: "Adoration implies not always saying you're sorry..." and separates in his arms.
    Love tale